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About Us

Started in 2019 with battery financing in 3w segment, Pointo's mission is to provide a comprehensive battery solution with focus on Financial Inclusion and climate. We are currently working on expanding the clean-tech ecosystem through Home Inverter Segment using our full stack tech platform. We bring all stakeholders on one platform to provide seamless customer experience which makes battery financing accessible and affordable. Along with financing, we are building the end to end supply chain to decrease downtime for customers and enhance their income leading to better living standards for their family.

The founding team is an IITG alumni. Riki Biswas, an IITG Alumni,  brings 6+ years of experience in clean-tech space. Gaurav, also an IITG alumni, brings global perspective from working in companies like Apple for 8+ years and financial experience in PE/ IB. Pratim, with 12+ years of experience in tech industry (TCS)

Our Story

Empowered by a robust team of 50+, our leadership boasts over 50 years of combined experience in startups, cleantech, operations, and finance.

Guided by this seasoned trio, we navigate towards success with a commitment to innovation and operational excellence.

Meet The founders

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